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‘What is a Wommett’ Mick Abrahams
Tue, 12/16/2008 - 14:22 — ppwebstu

Mick Abrahams has written his autobiography 'What is a Wommet' with a foreword by Bob Harris. It is published by Apex Books. Mick was born in 1943 in the middle of an air raid and, after an uncertain start, was adopted and brought up in Luton. He disliked school, finding solace in music, learning the piano and later guitar, at which he excelled. He was the original guitarist and founder member of Jethro Tull in 1967 leading to the hit album 'This Was' but the different musical styles of Abrahams and Ian Anderson caused a split. He left the band at the end of 1968.
Mick formed Blodwyn Pig. They produced two albums Ahead Rings Out and Getting to This. Both spending several weeks in the UK Top Ten Charts. But after two successful US tours, musical differences surfaced. Abrahams left and the Pig soon disbanded.

He enjoyed success with The Mick Abrahams Band and in solo performances until, disillusionment with the music business, made him quit in the 1970s. He spent several years away from the spotlight.

Now he's busier than ever, writing and recording with Blodwyn Pig and working solo. He has renewed his working relationship with Ian Anderson who played on Mick's 1996 solo album One with special guest appearances at Jethro Tull concerts. Mick lives with his wife Kate and has two grown up sons.

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Anónimo dijo...

que buena pagina!! hay muchos bootlegs de jethro de 1970 hasta 1974 que estaria muy bien que consiguieseis.sin duda es la mejor epoca de ellos y vale la pena(muchisimo) oir los directos de esos años.saludos

VELARDO dijo...

Tranquilo, amigo. Todo se andará. De ésta época ya hay algun que otro publicado. De todas formas el problema en los bootlegs de éstos años es, sin duda, la calidad de sonido, muy mala. Saludos.