miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012


A NEW DAY MAGAZINE # 103 OUT NOW featuring an extense interview with Ian Anderson (part 1) and some CD reviews. For suscriptions visit www.anewdayrecords.co.uk
As the artist for April 2012 cover of 'A New Day' magazine, I was honored to oblige when asked and commissioned by its editor-in-chief, Mr. David Rees, to make provisions for this wonderful and unique publication with its substantive and informative pages dedicated to all things related to the legendary Ian Anderson, his longstanding Jethro Tull and queue of members thereof, and the English music scene.

The magazine's front and back portraits themselves, rendered between late 2011 and early 2012, were intended to commemorate this year's 40th anniversary of Jethro Tull's 1972 now-classic concept album, 'Thick As A Brick', (that rose to #1 on the music billboard charts in its time) on the advent of its sequel,'TAAB2', currently on world tour and gaining momentum with each impactful performance. (Watch the hurricane index as the tour approaches the coastal US this Fall).

The lengthy 36 page, 3-1/2 hour, in-depth interview with Mr. Anderson, now age 64, contained in this issue is a rich, revealing, and engaging one of historical value when the chips fall and Mr. Anderson is one day regarded as the 'Shakespeare' or 'Pied Piper' of Popular Music for his time (...titles assigned by those, unlike myself, at a loss for words), given the meticulous dedication to his craft of writing, recording and performing his own music for nearly a half century; a tradition that carries on to this day. So stay tuned, folks, for there is likely lots more to come in the years ahead and you wouldn't want to regret missing it; for posterity, that is, and the bedtime stories you could tell the grand kids.

Meanwhile, since 1985, 'A New Day' has been a dedicated surrogate bosom of freshly-bottled, regularly-delivered buttermilk of all that flows from the Tull creamery; bringing with it the promise to nourish and quench ever-thirsty tuggers or, alternately, re-appetize those who, perhaps, were inadvertently pre-empted and weened off to pursue parenthood and child rearing, then awoke one morning to find that the Anderson dairy whose yield they once regularly enjoyed is still delivering the same quality products as in years before.

Whether you are explicitly a Jethro Tull appreciator or not, I highly recommend that anyone with a proclivity and love for well-planned and executed music, the theater and thier associated histories, to order this issue of the magazine; noting there has always been a colorful and inspired trail of art, music and literature that has spawned from the palate of Mr. Anderson's own ongoing artistic endeavors that remains, in my humble opinion, unprecedented in contrast to any of his contemporary counterparts in that profession; save for, perhaps, the Beatles and a few others that don't immediately come to mind.

Finally, with many inquiries pouring in from around the globe concerning my artwork as a result of A New Day's April issue, I have considered providing to the public relatively affordable, limited edition fine art reproduction prints of the original portraits in various sizes, printed on 150 year archival canvas, accompanied by certificates of authenticity and archival quality, with a portion of the proceeds intended to be donated to animal welfare and the humane society of my choice.

Kindly contact me if you or someone you know fancies having one for thier mantle or entertainment room.

Still, at least, do consider reserving a ticket for one of this year's 'Brick' tour performances currently underway in a city near you... While, I anticipate, the little kin folk will still be up and wide-awake that evening until your return from Hamlin, awaiting the full 'tell of the tale'... or, if you can't wait until then and decide, instead, to promptly download issue #103 or one earlier, well, you won't be disappointed and could read the kids that in the days ahead. But, then, there's no guarantee that the children will fall into slumber.
F.W. Maholland
8 May 2012